Garn Gets His Second Vaccine

Garn the Magnificent knocked on his sometime good friend Carol’s front door.  There was no answer at first, so he knocked again.

“Hold on!  Let me get my mask!” Came a faint voice from inside the small Earth dwelling.

After an unreasonably long time, the door slowly opened, revealing Carol in the latest of mask fashions.

“Garn!  What are you doing here?”

“The more important question is why do you have the image of a name-tag on your mask and who is Inigo Montoya?”  He asked.

“Huh?  Oh – right – it’s from one of the most awesome movies ever, the Princess Bride.”

“Excellent!  We shall have to watch it on your Netflix later,” Garn said as he stepped inside. “But we have a very important errand to complete this very moment!”

“Okay,” Carol said slowly. “And what would that be?”

“Why, we are due for our second dose of the vaccine,” he said as he produced a somewhat tattered vaccine record card.  “Oh my, I can see it got a little singed when I was fighting that Tirelian dragon-beast last week.”

“Yeah, I can see that.”  Carol said faintly.  “But why do you need a second dose?”

“Because it’s my civic duty!”  Garn said.  “I must complete the full course of the vaccine in order to protect myself and others!”

“But you’re a space alien.  You can’t actually get the virus.”

“But I still want my vaccine,” Garn said with a pout.  “My card is not complete until I get the second dose.”

“Well, your logic is, as usual, hard to argue with,” Carol said with a faint smile.  “Well, when’s your appointment?”

“Appointment? Why would I need that?” He asked.

“Because the doses are… Oh, never mind,” Carol said with a sigh. “Why don’t you just tag along to my appointment?  Maybe you’ll get lucky, and they’ll have an extra dose.”

“Lucky?  Of course!”  Garn said.  “Luck is my middle name.  Did I tell you how my Mar and Far had a wise woman speak a good-fortune blessing over my cradle when I was born?  That vaccine dose is as good as mine!”

“Uh sure,” Carol said, looking him up and down.  “Stranger things have happened.”


Happy Thursday, Friends!


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  1. Jean De Muzio

    Thanks, Carol! It’s good that Garn is getting his second vaccine shot. After all, you never know when Co-vid will mutate and infect aliens too.

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