Thinking back…

Well, it’s been a year, my friends.  Actually, it’s been almost a year since my first post to this blog!  But that’s not actually what I meant.

The last year has been unprecedented in many ways, least of all not due to the global pandemic that still dominates our news feed.

What have you learned in the last year?  What was the most significant happening (to you)?

For me, as least scientifically, it is the development of the coronavirus vaccines. Normally, it can take years to develop vaccines and get them to people.  With Operation Warp Speed, not only was this accelerated, but because the manufactures were producing vaccine even before the emergency use authorization, the first doses of vaccine were delivered to people in the US by December in less than 9 months!

The New York Times Vaccine Tracker actually gives us an idea of the enormity of the vaccine development effort.  It has lots of good information and graphics, so I hope you’re able to check it out.

Some highlights:

World-wide, 74 vaccines are being tested in clinical trials in humans”

43 vaccines are in the Phase 1 safety trial

27 are in Phase 2 expanded safety trials

21 vaccines are in the large-scale Phase 3 effectiveness trials

6 Vaccines have been authorized for early/limited use.

6 Vaccines have been approved for full use in some countries


Currently, as of today’s writing, the US has granted emergency use authorization (not full approval) to three vaccines.  This means that the US public has the Pfizer, Modern and Johnson & Johnson vaccines available to them.

And that, to me is the biggest surprise in this very surprising year.



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