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A couple of interesting articles from the leading journal, Science:  Science | AAAS (

  1. Hungry teen dinosaurs crowded out their competitors | Science | AAAS (

In a recently published research study, PhD student Katlin Schroeder and paleontologists Felisa Smith of UNM and Kathleen Lyons of the University of Nebraska, Lincoln looked at the fossils in 43 locations across the globe to see the size distribution of more than 550 dinosaur species in all continents, across over 100 million years.

What they found is that plant eating dinosaurs, tended to be of all sizes.  However mid-sized meat-eating dinosaurs were very rare.  This is likely due to the fact that while plant eaters shared one food source (plants), the meat eaters tended to change their food sources and hunting methods as they grew.  By looking at the number of adults in so-called ‘mass-death’ fossil beds, the scientists theorized that the juvenile (i.e., “teenaged”) dinosaurs crowded out medium-size adults by exploiting most of the habitat and food sources.

This study highlights that the voracious appetite of teenagers – of any species – is more than legendary.


  1. The Martian Perseverance Rover has phoned home and is sending back video.

Check out the video at the link, below:

Martian rover sends back ‘overwhelming’ video, audio from the Red Planet | Science | AAAS (

In the video, you can see the thrilling descent of the rover as it hurtles towards the surface of Mars, first the flower-like deploying of the parachute, and then images of the dusty red, pitted surface of Mars appearing as the car-sized rover descends to the service.

In later videos, the rover sent back, you can hear actual audio which includes the sound of Martian wind drumming against the rover’s microphone.

This is the first time any human has heard sound from Mars and makes me excited for what other wonders the rover will send from the Red Planet.



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