Carol and Garn Watch YouTube

Carol and Garn Watch YouTube

“What are you watching?”  Garn asked as he walked into his sometime friend Carol’s living room with a bowl full of snacks.   “Ooh, YouTube!  I love cat videos.”

“You can use the other laptop if you like,” Carol said absently.  “The Kitten Academy live stream is always up.”

“But what are you watching if not the wondrous Academy of small cats?”  Garn demanded, poking his head over Carol’s shoulder.  “What is that spidery looking thing?”

“I’m just watching the Mars Perseverance Rover land, that’s all.”

“Land where?”  He asked.  His mouth was full of cool-ranch Doritos, so it sounded more like:  Mmmf Whirr?”

“Uh, Mars, like in the name?  It’s one of three Mars missions that have made it to the planet in the last few weeks.”

“Why would you Americans do such a thing?”  He asked curiously as he watched the small parachute deploy.

“Well, lots of countries are sending rovers and orbiters to mars, but Perseverance is looking for life on Mars.”

“Well, they could’ve just saved billions of dollars and asked me.”  Garn scoffed.

Carol’s eyes snapped away from the screen.  “You’ve been to Mars?”

“Well, yes.  There was a portal malfunction once and I ended up there by mistake.”  He said with a shudder.  “Worst two minutes of my life.  It was bloody cold and there were no decent bars there.”

“No bars?”  Carol repeated slowly.

“Nope – so I can say with great confidence that there is no life worth mentioning on your Red Planet.”

Carol shook her head as if to clear it.  “I don’t think Perseverance is looking for restaurants, bars or souvenir stands, Garn.”

“Then what in the devil is it looking for?”

“I think it’s looking for signs of ancient life – you know, bacteria and stuff.”  She pointed to a small diagram.  “See – it has a helicopter and a drill to take rock samples.”

“Fascinating.”  Garn drawled.

“It really is.”  Carol said eagerly.  “See, the rover is going to package up the rock samples in some little metal tubes.  Just think, maybe a future mission will be able to pick up the Mars rocks and bring them back to Earth!”

Garn was silent for several long seconds, the only sound in the room the crunching of corn chips.  “You Earthlings are quite bonkers.”   He chewed some more.  “But that’s one of the things I love the most about your planet.”


Happy Thursday, Friends.


  1. Jean De Muzio

    See, Garn could have saved us millions of dollars traveling to Mars. There are no good bars there and probably no good restaurants either! And it’s cold too!

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