Garn Takes Up Knitting

“Why are we stabbing this colored string with these sharp implements again?”  Garn the Magnificent asked his sometime friend Carol.

“It’s yarn and if we do it right, we can make clothing.”  Carol said as she carefully maneuvered her knitting needles.  “Dang it!  I dropped another stitch!”

“Why is your face scrunched up so?  Is it part of the process?”  Garn asked.

Carol sighed.  “The way I knit, yes.”  She looked over at Garn.  “Hey, you’re getting pretty good at that!”  She exclaimed as she watched first one and then another row grow from Garn’s steadily clacking needles.  “Are you sure you haven’t done this before?”

“Of course not.   On my planet, all clothing is replicated.”

“You mean manufactured, right?”

“No – replicated.  You tell a machine what you want, and it creates it instantly.”  Garn said with a shrug.  “Your Star Trek actually got it right, more or less.”

“Huh.  Go figure.”  Carol finished another row and held up her handiwork.  “Dang it!  Another dropped stick and how did that knot get in there?”

“Maybe if you didn’t use such boring colors, it would go better for you.”  Garn mused as he held up the beginnings of his fluorescent yellow scarf.

“Maybe…”  Carol said doubtfully.  “But this gray goes with everything.”

“That’s because your entire wardrobe is boring.”  Garn said as he pushed a fresh ball of yarn.  “Here try this.   The color is ever so much more cheerful, isn’t it?”

And that’s how Carol ended up with a lime green hat and a fluorescent yellow scarf.

Happy Thursday, Friends!  Stay warm!

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  1. Jean De Muzio

    Garn always makes me laugh. Thanks for having such an interesting, imaginary friend.

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