Garn and Carol Watch the Super Bowl 2

“No, those aren’t laser cannons.  Those are just the lines they use to mark off each down on TV.”   Carol told Garn as they sat watching the big game.

“Really?  Laser cannons would make for better entertainment.”  Garn said as he popped another chip into his mouth.

“But it’d be awfully hard on the grass.”

“There is that.”  Garn sighed.  “Are you really sure there are no laser swords either?”

“Nope.  No lasers, no pointy weapons, no armed combat.”

“Then what’s the point of this football of yours?”  Garn asked.

Carol thought for several long moments.  “Well – I guess it’s to move that little brown ball down the field to score points – or possibly to sell commercial spots.  Who knows?”

“You humans certainly have a strange concept of entertainment.”


Happy Thursday, Friends!


  1. Jean De Muzio

    No kidding. Huh! We humans are strange.

  2. Larry

    Hey man. The purpose is to drink beer and get sloppy while telling your buddies how much better a coach you’d make than that professional goofball.

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