Carol and Garn Get a Vaccine

Garn the magnificent adjusted his facemask and turned to his friend Carol.  “What are we in line for again?”

“Well – it’s either for the newest iPhone or the COVID vaccine.  I forget.”

“Wouldn’t it be good to actually know?”  Garn asked.

Carol rose on her tippiest of toes and peered backwards and forwards.  “Wow, there must be a hundred people in line.”  She craned her neck some more.  “Wait!  I see someone in a nurses’ uniform.  This is the vaccine line!”

They waited, and waited some more, before finally getting to the head of the line.

“Do you have an appointment?”  The nurse asked.

“Well no.”  Carol said apologetically.  “I heard there were walk-in appointments today.”

The nurse sighed.  “If you’re willing to wait for a few more minutes.  Please fill out these forms.”

“Why don’t they just scan your identi-chip?”  Garn whispered.  “They could get your entire medical history in seconds.”

“That sounds really uncomfortable.  Besides, we don’t have those chip things here.” Carol answered.

“But the form is so long!”  Garn whined.  “And what is a co-morbidity?”

Carol scanned the form quickly.  “That’s a medical condition that makes it difficult for you to fight off infections.”

“And why do they need my occupation and my age?”  That seems a little irrelevant for a Ko-VID vaccine.

Carol sighed.  “Just fill out as much as you can.   And hurry up!  That nurse is giving us the side-eye.”

Garn grumbled, but before long they made it back to the nurse.

The nurse took Carol’s form first.  “Everything looks in order.  You work in a health care setting, so you qualify.”

“Oh, thank you!”  Carol gushed.  “We’ve been waiting so very….”

“Just stand in line over there.”  The nurse said briskly, interrupting Carol’s expression of thanks.  “Next!”

“Oh, I believe that would be me, my good woman!”  Garn said with a twinkle in his eye as he handed his form over.

“Hmmm… It says here that your occupation is “Lead troubleshooter and acquisition specialist”.  Is that a frontline job?”

“Well, it should be if it isn’t.”  Garn said heartily.  “And it’s quite dangerous.  Just last week I had to zipline over the mouth of an active volcano and then wrestle a tellurian dragon-beast.”

“Uh huh.”  The nurse said.  “Well how about co-morbidities?  Do you have any health conditions?”

“Oh no!  I’m as fit as one of your Earth fiddles.”

“Well, I’m sorry sir, but I don’t think you qualify.”  The nurse said as she continued to read the form.  Then her eyes widened quite comically.  “Uh – I don’t think this can be right.”  She handed back the form.  “What is your correct age?”

Garn glanced at the form.  “Oh, that is correct.”

She narrowed her eyes at Garn.  “It says here that you are 147 years old.”

“Yes – and I will be 148 next month.”  Garn said brightly.  “I know what you’re thinking, it’s quite irregular for someone as young as me to be allowed out of the schoolroom, but I have always been quite advanced for my age.”

“Stop!”  The nurse cried out.  “You’re making my head hurt.  Just go, stand over there will you?”


And that’s how Carol and Garn got their vaccine shot.

Happy Thursday, Friends!



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