Garn and Carol Debate

“Greatest technological advance?”  Carol mused.  “It’s a toss-up between discovery of fire and the wheel for me.”

“Fire?  Bah!”  Garn reached for the popcorn.  “It has to be the invention of teleportation – or perhaps food replicators.”  He rubbed his stomach.  “Cake whenever you want it.  Who can beat that?”

“It does sound great – but we don’t have either here on Earth.”  Carol reminded him.

“Really?”  Garn said, though with his mouth full of popcorn, it sounded more like ‘mmmf?’

“Yep – the closest we have so far is the microwave.”

“A worthy invention, though!”  Garn said as he reached into the greasy paper bag for more popcorn.  “Anything that can make this hot buttered popping grain is quite all right!”

Carol toasted him with her cup of cocoa.  “We aim to please.”

“Okay – how about greatest medical advance?”  Garn asked.  “Personally, I find the weight reducing chocolate to be quite handy.”

“You mean you eat it and lose weight?”  Carol shook her head.  “We don’t have that either.  I think our scientists are seriously slacking.”

Garn looked down at the Earth chocolate truffles he was eating in horror.  “Wait – these little delicacies will increase my waistline?”

“Well, yeah, if you eat enough of them.”

Garn shrugged and popped another chocolate into his mouth.  “Well, I’ll risk it.  Fortune favors the brave.”


Happy Thursday friends.  Please excuse me while I go try to order weigh reducing chocolate off of the internet.

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  1. Jean De Muzio

    Let us know where you find that chocolate. So we can check it out too.

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