Garn and Carol Exercise


“Why did I decide to visit you again?”  Garn asked as he sat next to Carol, his breath coming in labored gasps and wheezes.

“You wanted to help me with my New Years Resolutions.”  She said as she bent over to touch her toes.  “Rats.  I really need to work on this.”  She said when her spine cracked.

“I thought I’d be helping you with the ‘try a new recipe’ one, not being tortured with exercise.”

“But you don’t cook.”  She pointed out.

“No, but I’m a champion eater.”  Garn said, puffing out his chest.

“Okay, then I guess we can try one little recipe.”

“Wonderful!”  Garn bounded to his feet.  “I’ll go make sure your refrigerator is fully stocked and operating properly.”

“Hold it!”  Carol cried out.  “We still need to work out.”

“What in the fires of Yargon IV do you mean, woman?”  Garn exclaimed, as he glared at her through narrowed eyes.  “What were we doing with all of that endless jumping about and bending and swaying?”

“That was just the warmup – and it was only five minutes of stretching.”  Carol said with a quite unladylike snort.  “We should be all set for the real workout, now.”

“Do we have to?”  Garn whined.  “Haven’t I suffered enough?”

“No pain, no gain.”  Carol chirped.  “To the treadmills, my friend.”

Garn groaned pitifully, but he followed her reluctantly to the row of shining exercise machines.  “If I don’t survive, please be sure to tell my mother that I love her.”

Carol rolled her eyes.  “You’ll be fine.  I’ll start you out at the lowest setting.”  She reached over and pushed a button.  Garn’s treadmill beeped once and the belt began to move slowly.

“Lords of Chaos.”  Garn scrambled for the safety bar, barely managing to stay upright.  “Is this really something you Earthlings do for fun?”

“Well, not really.”  Carol admitted.  “But the after work out ice cream helps.”

And that’s how Carol and Garn came to be regular gym buddies.


Happy Thursday, Friends!

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  1. Jean De Muzio

    I’d like to have you as my gym buddy too! Great post. Thanks.

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