Carol Calls Garn

Garn the Magnificent was preparing to go on another mission for the council, when his commlink beeped.

“I really hope that isn’t Councilman Unda wanting me to adjust my route again.  I’d really like to avoid rappelling across that active volcano.”  He sighed and pressed accept.

“Happy New Year!” Carol cried over the video call.

“What is that on your head?”  Garn asked.

Carol patted the top of her head.  “Don’t you like it?”

“Sure, but whyever are you wearing a sparkly hat with 2021 flashing in lights?”

“It’s my New Year’s Eve Party hat.”  Carol said with great dignity.

“Uh – don’t you still have a pandemic raging on Earth?  I thought all social gatherings were cancelled?”

Carol frowned.  “Well sure – but what’s your point?

“I will never fully understand you humans.”  Garn murmured under his breath.  “Carol, my dear friend, why do you need a party hat if you’re not actually attending a party?”

“I’m celebrating virtually this year!”  Carol lifted a small sparkly horn to her lips and blew.  A loud shrieking sound came over the link, making Garn cover his ears.

“And your celebrating requires damaging my hearing?”

“Oh, you’re quite the joker tonight.”  Carol said with a laugh.  “Well, I have about a hundred more friends to call.  Happy New Year!”

Garn stared at the screen for several seconds after she hung up.  “I really hope this pandemic ends soon.  I’m starting to question Carol’s sanity.”


Happy New Year!


  1. Jean De Muzio

    Unfortunately, Garn, we’re all a little nutty these days because of the pandemic and isolation. Have a Happy New Year from this planet to yours!

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