Garn Helps Carol

“Why do Earthlings place dead trees inside their houses again?”  Garn asked as he helped his friend Carol wrestle a large green bushy thing into her living room.

“You know, I’m not really sure.  It’s just what we do.”  She said as she helped him place the tree in its stand.  “But doesn’t it smell amazing?”

Garn took in a deep breath.  “It is pleasant enough– but still very confusing why it’s in your house.”

“But it wouldn’t be Christmas for me without it.  What do you do for winter holidays on your planet?”

“Well, Cambia only has one season, much like your spring, so nothing.”

“So, you have no snow… no ‘Jack Frost’ nipping at your nose?”  She shook her head.  “On the one hand, sounds like paradise.  But on the other… that’s just sad.”

“It is what I know.”  Garn said simply.  “But we do have a Spring Festival that is very important to us.  Children weave garlands of leelie flowers and we send prayers to the giant goldfish for a bountiful harvest.”

“Well – that’s kind of cool – but do you get presents?”

“No – but there is a holiday on Yargon-IV where people are given shoes.”

“I like a good shoe.  What is it called?”  Carol asked.

“The name doesn’t translate well – but it’s not unlike your running of the bulls.  Everyone dons their new shoes and gathers in the square as the fire-breathing Gili monster is released.”

“This is starting to sound kind of scary.”

“But it’s their most sacred holiday.  A true test of speed, cunning and strength.”  Garn enthused.

“But what happens to the slow runners?”

“Well, they get eaten.”  Garn admitted.

“Huh.  I think I’ll stick with our holiday – dead trees and all.”  Carol said as she began to open a box of decorations.  “Here help me string these lights.”

When they’d finished, they stood back and admired their work.

“It is quite pretty, with the twinkling light and all of those sparkly glass balls.”  Garn admitted.  “Perhaps your Christmas isn’t so bad.”

“Just wait until I introduce you to the next tradition – baking Christmas cookies.”

Garn clapped his hands.  “If there is chocolate involved, I think I could grow to rather like your holidays.”


Happy Thursday, Friends!”


  1. Jean+De+Muzio

    Thanks for the blog! I think I would enjoy some Christmas cookies with chocolate in them too.

  2. Larry

    Count me in for the cookies…running fast toward the kitchen

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