Garn Calls Carol

Garn the Magnificent typed the two magic words and sat back with a triumphant grin.  “’The end’ must be the most wonderful words in the English language.”

“Why are you writing in English?  You know you’re not from Earth.”  His somewhat annoying friend Gral reminded him.

“Why did I invite you over again?”  Garn grumbled.

“You wanted company while you finished your novel.”

“Oh right.  Well – I have officially won NaNoWriMo.”  Garn bragged, referring to the National Novel Writing Month challenge to write 50,000 words during the month of November.

“Big deal.  It’s not as if you won an actual prize.”  Gral pointed out reasonably.

“Your logic makes you extremely annoying.”  Garn groused.  “Since you’re not going to support my achievement, I’m going to call someone who will.”

Garn took out his com-link, connected to Earth’s communication system and dialed his much nicer friend Carol’s number.

“Hello?”   Carol yawned as she answered the call.  “Hey, it’s Garn!  How are you doing?”

“I am very well.  I just finished my novel – with one whole day to spare!”

“That’s great!  I still have about three thousand words to go.”  Carol yawned again.

“You’re not staying up watching the news feeds, are you?”  Garn asked in concern.

“Oh no.  I learned my lesson the first week after the election.  I’m just in the middle of a writing marathon.  Got to get those last words in.”

“That sounds like fun!  I’ll join you.”  Garn enthused.

Carol’s brow furrowed in confusion.  “But why?  You’re finished.”

“Oh right.”  Garn frowned, then immediately brightened as the best idea in the history of ideas came to him.  “Well, I’ll just sit here and cheer you on.”

“Uh – you really don’t have to.  I’m sure you’re busy.”  Carol demurred.

“Nonsense.   You’re my friend and it would be my pleasure to cheer you on!”  Garn cried out as he hurriedly searched the internet for cheer chants.  “Here’s one.  Cassie, Cassie – she’s our man.  If no one can do it, nobody can!”

“That’s a terrible chant.”  Carol groaned.

“Well… how about this one?  Stronger than steel, Hotter than the sun; Carol won’t stop, ’til she gets the job done!”

Carol groaned again.

“Hmmm… That was on the list of thirty greatest cheers.”  Garn shrugged.   “No accounting for taste I guess.  Well how about this one?  Carol, Carol -”

“Wait!”  Carol called out, somewhat desperately.  “I’m suddenly feeling super motivated.  I can totally finish my novel now – all by myself.”

“Well…if you’re sure.”  Garn said doubtfully.

“I’m extremely sure.”  Carol said, nodding vigorously.

So, Garn ended the call and spent the rest of the day basking in his good deeds.

Carol, on the other hand, wasn’t taking any chances that Garn would have a change of heart.  She turned off her smartphone and went back to writing.

Happy Thursday, Friends!”

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  1. Jean+De+Muzio

    Good job, Garn & Carol for writing 50,000 words in the month of November. Simple Amazing!

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