Garn Goes to Work

“This is an insult to my creative process,” Garn sniffed indignantly as he followed his colleague Gral to the interplanetary portal station.

“No, this is your job,” Gral countered.  “The delivery of these documents to Gralox IV has been delayed long enough.”

“I still don’t see what’s so important about these paltry documents,” Garn said, curling his lip contemptuously at the thin sheaf of papers in Gral’s dinner-plate sized hand.

“They’re trade treaties – for medical supplies and vaccines for small children.”  Gral scowled.  “And they were supposed to be signed three days ago, but you were too busy eating Cheetos in your apartment to help me deliver them.”

“I was in the middle of a pivotal chapter,” Garn grumbled.   “Besides, couldn’t they have just sent them over the com-link?  Who uses paper anymore, anyway?”

“The Gralox system does,” Gral pointed out drily.  “And so apparently do you.  Isn’t your entry for NaNoooGrimo currently contained within several Earth spiral-bound notebooks?”

“It’s NaNoWriMo,” Garn replied with great dignity.  “And as I’ve told you a dozen times, how do you expect me to write next great American novel on a soulless computer?”

Gral snorted.  “You forget that I read your first chapter last week.  I don’t think the paper’s really helping.”

“You mock, but just you wait until I become a famous novelist.”

Gral rolled his eyes.  “I can’t wait to hear every single detail of your masterpiece when you do.”

“Oh really?”  Garn grinned slyly as they waited to enter the first portal that would start them on their journey to Gralox IV.  “Well, we do have to complete at least ten transfers before we arrive at our destination.  Since we’re friends, I’d be happy to keep you entertained during our trip.”

Gral shook his head, frantically.  “Please don’t.”

“I’ve only completed the first fifty chapters, but my novel is about the adventures of a ridiculously handsome and intelligent shapeshifter and his very large, somewhat dim-witted friend,” Garn said.  “Oh look – it’s our turn for the portal.”

Gral pulled him back before he could enter.  “On second thought, I can handle this trip alone.  Why don’t you just stay here and write some more?”

Garn’s brow furrowed.  “Are you sure?”

Gral nodded.  “Extremely sure.”

A wide grin spread across Garn’s face.  “That’s really nice of you.  What could I ever do to repay the favor?”

“Just one thing.  Never mention your novel again.”

Happy Thursday, Friends!

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