Garn Recounts the Happenings on Earth-III

Garn the Magnificent paced outside the Council’s audience chambers, waiting impatiently for his turn. He hated everything about appearing before the Council, and unfortunately, he’d been doing it far too often lately.

Finally, a gong sounded, and a tall, black-robed clerk appeared at the door. “Councilman Unda will see you now.”

“Oh joy,” Garn muttered to himself.  He adjusted his formal robes – which were an exceedingly drab grey color and followed the attendant into the Councilman’s private audience room.

“Ah, Agent Garn!”  The Councilman exclaimed.  “So good to see you!”

“Likewise,” Garn muttered sarcastically.

The Councilman’s eyes narrowed dangerously, which reminded Garn of the Councilman’s fondness of sending people to the larium mines.

“Ah, I mean, how can I be of service to you today, Councilman?”

The Councilman’s jovial mask fell back into place.  “Sit, sit!” he ordered.  “And tell me all about your adventures.”

Garn sat gingerly on the edge of the offered chair and launched into an accounting of his recent mission with Gral to rescue geological survey equipment from a volcano on Tyron-II.

After a few seconds, the Councilman interrupted him impatiently.  “No, No.  I mean your adventures on Earth.  You’ve spent some time there, no?”

Garn groaned (inwardly).   “Yes, I was quarantined there in the earlier days of their pandemic.”

“This COVID-19?   One hears so many conflicting reports.”

“Well, it is quite a contrary virus,” Garn agreed.  “Some people become seriously ill quickly, and others may have the virus, but never have even the slightest symptom.”  Garn frowned.  “It has made it quite difficult to contain.”

“Hmmm…  What has the government done to respond, then?”

“Well, Earth has many governments, so the measures vary widely – from rapid and complete shutdowns and strict social distancing orders, to less stringent responses.”

“Interesting….”  The Councilman drawled.

“Yes – and the most fascinating thing of all is how specific the virus is,” Garn continued.  “It does not seem to be infectious inside food markets at all, but in some cities, it is infectious in restaurants and in others – not at all.”  Garn went on tell the Councilman of all of the other interesting things he’d witnessed on Earth, from the deserted streets and empty stores, to the recent crowding at social gatherings.

“Earthlings.  Gotta love them,” the Councilman said with a shake of his head.  “Say, do you have any more of those cat videos?”

Happy Thursday, Friends!


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