Garn, Superspy?

Garn the Magnificent was a master of disguise.  Well, actually, he was a shapeshifter from outer space, but that was really the same difference, wasn’t it?  He prided himself on being the finest, stealthiest operative to ever come from the planet Cambia.

No one was sneakier than he was, he thought as he darted from shadow to shadow.  He would capture his prey – of that there was no doubt.

“You know you don’t have to creep around like this?”  His sort-of-good friend Carol shook her head in exasperation as he joined her, finally.

“Of course I do,” he said haughtily.  “This is a mission that requires the upmost of secrecy.  In fact, no one but you knows I’m even here.”

“Uh… Smith told me you were on your way back to Earth.  That’s why I picked you up at the interplanetary portal station.”

“Oh.  Well, you and Smith may know, but I am certain that my target does not.”  He rubbed his hands together in glee.  “It shall not escape me.  Victory is mine!”

Carol’s brow furrowed in confusion.  “Uh… you know we’re outside an Outback Steak House, on our way to dinner, right?”

“Correct!”  He crowed.  “And I have planned a masterful sneak attack on this outpost of Australia.  That blooming onion is mine!”

Carol rolled her eyes, adjusted her facemask, and led him inside.  “I’m pretty sure all you have to do is order one off the menu. I don’t think they’re going to run out.”

Happy Thursday, Friends!

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  1. Jean+De+Muzio

    Thanks, Carol! This was a fun blog to read. Love that Garn and his “sometimes” pal Carol.

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