Garn Gets a Care Package

Garn the Magnificent was bored.  He was yet again forced to wait in the anteroom of the Interplanetary Council’s chambers for some pointless meeting with Councilman Unda.

“Must we wait?” He sighed to his friend Gral.

“Yes,” Gral said gravely.  “You know what happened the last time you stood up the Councilman.”

“But it’s so boring out here!  We’ve been waiting for days.”

Gral snorted.  “It’s been less than one standard hour.”

“Exactly!  It’s been much too long.”

“Not as long as six months working the Larium mines on Talon IV would be,” Gral answered.  “That’s standard for second offenses.”

“At least I’d get some exercise,” Garn sniffed.

“They’ve recently reduced rations to Nutri-bars,” Gral reminded him.

“Those are quite disgusting,” Garn agreed with an aggrieved sigh.  “Very well, we’ll do it your way.”

They had sat for several more hours (or minutes, depending upon who you asked), when one of the Council’s clerks knocked on the door and entered with a rather large brown box.

“Some sort of package came for you from Earth,” the clerk grumbled.  “The contents sure do look weird on our scanners, but nothing in there looks dangerous, so here you go.”

Gral sat the box on a side table and regarded it quizzically.  “What does ‘Care Package – handle with care’ mean?” He asked, reading the rather messy instructions on the front of the box.  “Perhaps we should run it through the scanners again?”

Garn ignored him and ripped into the package.  In a thrice, he had found a note and had read it with a delighted cry.

“It’s from our good friend Carol,” he explained as he pawed through the contents.  “Ooh, look!  Three bags of chocolate for me and a whole case of cheese puffs for you!”

“I was starting to feel a bit hungry,” Gral said solemnly as he accepted his part of the package.

“And look!  Doritos and barbecue potato chips!”

“Carol is quite kind,” Gral said, though his mouth was quite full, so it sounded more like “Mmm uf mmmmh.”

“And best of all, she sent more dog and cat videos!” Garn brandished an Earth USB drive as he danced around the room.  “Good-bye boredom!”

After several more minutes, Garn finally settled down and joined Gral on the bench.  “I guess Carol really does love us,” he mused.

Gral snorted.  “More like she figures you won’t come raid her pantry if she keeps you supplied with Earth treats.”

“I think you are very wrong, my friend,” Garn said with great dignity.  “Our friend Carol cares for us – it’s says so right there on this package.  See – CARE Package.”

“If you say so…”

At that exact moment, another clerk came to the door.  “Councilman Unda will see you now.”

“Oh no!” Garn cried out.  “It’s too soon.”

“You were dying of boredom mere centons ago,” Gral reminded him.

“Well that was before we got Ghirardelli and M&M’s,” Garn said as he began to frantically stuff chocolate into any available pocket.  “Don’t just stand there – help me hide this stuff before Councilman Unda demands his share!”

Happy Thursday, Friends!

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  1. Jean De Muzio

    Hey Carol, this was a great post- very funny! I guess Carol does CARE about Garn. Thanks for the blog.

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