Gral and Garn Live Dangerously

“I still don’t know why I let you talk me into this,” Gral muttered as he tried to loosen the collar of his dress tunic.

His sort-of-friend Garn looked curiously over at him as they both rode to their doom in the back of a hired ground-car.  “Whatever do you mean?”

“I’m getting too old for such dangerous missions,” Gral groused.

“Oh yes,” Garn hooted.  “You’re practically in your dotage, and ready to spend your days playing Tellurian chess and dandling your non-existent grandchildren on your knee.”  He wiped the tears of mirth from his eyes.  “You live for danger.”

“I do not,” Gral pouted.

“How about that time we faced down those fire-lizards on Gralox V?”

“That was ages ago.  We were young and stupid then.”

“It was six months ago,” Garn reminded him.

“My point exactly.”

Garn rolled his eyes.  “Or how about two days ago, when we were retrieving those temperature sensors for the Council?”

“That was a quite ordinary scientific mission.” Gral reminded him.

“We were inside an active volcano.  Remember when I slipped, and you had to cling to a sheer rock face to save me from certain death?”

“Yes, and I wasn’t in a tenth of the danger that you are now putting me in,” Gral growled.

“Lord of Chaos, you’re whiny tonight.” Garn sighed.  “We’re having dinner with my grandmother, not facing down a raging gros-nak.”

“I would rather wrestle a rabid Tellurian fire beast.  Your grandmother likes to pinch.”

“That’s just because she likes you,” Garn said as the ground-car came to a stop in front of Garn’s family home on the planet Cambia.  “Now come.  She had the cook make your favorite treacle tart.”

“There had better be fire-berry jam with it,” Gral grumbled.

However, because Garn was his good friend, he drew himself to his full height and went bravely forth to face the fire beast – er – grandmother.  Dessert was tasty, and his behind was only slightly bruised afterwards.

Happy Thursday, Friends!

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