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Happy Tuesday, Friends!

Today, I want to share with you all an article in the New York Times which shows the opening status of all 50 states.

It’s an interesting article to check out because it has the run-down of what’s open in each state – and shows the current trends in new COVID cases for each day.

This overview map shows the current opening status of all 50 states.

Credit: “See How All 50 States Are Reopening (and Closing Again),” Jasmine C. Lee, Sarah Mervosh, Yuriria Avila, Barbara Harvey and Alex Leeds Matthews. New York Times.  Updated July 24, 2020

What’s interesting is how opening status is grouped by geography, to some extent.  Many states in middle America have opened (dark blue).  Other states – particularly in the Northeast are in the middle off re-opening (light blue).  Most states in the sunbelt in the lower half of the United states are reversing their reopening plans (yellow)– due mainly to sharp spikes in new cases in these states.

How successful have these reopenings been?
Well – it varies by state:

New Hampshire – so far so good (with less than 100 new cases/day).  New Hampshire started reopening in mid-May, with the stay at home order expiring in mid-June.  The final round of businesses reopened with capacity limits and social distancing at the end of June.

Connecticut – is also holding its own – with a drastically reduced (and stable number of new cases per day for the last month or so).  Connecticut was one of the last states to commence reopening on May 20.  A second phase of reopening of businesses began in June – but phase 3 plans appear to be on pause.  Notably – bars remain shut up tight in this state.

Massachusetts and New York – also have shown a marked flattening (and decrease) in new cases per day.  These states, like many of their neighbors began reopening in Mid-May (though many indoor dining and entertainment venues remain closed).

Other states – like Alaska, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Utah, Ohio, Maryland, and Georgia to name a few, have seen increases in new COVID-19 cases since reopening.

The why is likely a complex mixture of factors, but one common (though not universal) contributor in each of these cases seems to be an early reopening in late April to early May – and perhaps a reopening of indoor bars and restaurants before the number of new infections per day had truly stabilized.

What do you think about the status of reopening in your state?

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  1. Jean De Muzio

    It would be great if everyone wore a mask. Then it wouldn’t matter as much about reopening- except for bars and large parties.

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