Garn Has Had Enough

Garn the magnificent huffed out a breath and crossed his arms. He stood up, and then flopped back onto his sort-of-good friend Carol’s couch with a scowl.

“I’ve had it! No human or extra-terrestrial can possibly watch this much Netflix.”

Carol looked over at him blearily, her hand still in the popcorn bowl. “You know, if you keep pouting so much, your face will freeze like that.”

“I’ll die of boredom, first!” Garn scowled. “Seriously, we have watched every entertainment video ever made in the history of your world and half of it wasn’t even any good.”

Carol sighed. “You’re exaggerating. We’ve only watched Tiger King, Dark, Dead to me, Stranger things, some other stuff and I can’t remember and the last ten seasons of the Great British Baking show.” Carol sat up, her eyes widening in realization. “Oh God, you’re actually right for once.”

“I’m always right,” Garn said loftily.

Carol began to search around for her shoes. “Well then, let’s go out to eat!”

Garn looked at her through narrowed eyes. “It’s too hot outside to wear masks. Besides, do you know how scary it is out there? What if someone sneezes?” He shuddered. “What if someone sneezes on our food?”

Carol rolled her eyes. “You are a nut.” She sank back into her corner of the couch. “But you do have a point. It’s a really big production to go out nowadays.” She picked up the remote again and pointed it towards the large screen in her living room.

“Don’t even think about it!” Garn crossed his arms again. “I’m bored and it’s your job as my host to entertain me!”

“Or I could just throw you through the window,” Carol muttered. “But you’re right. I’m bored too.” She reached for her phone and did a google search. “Here’s a good idea for quarantine! We could paint a fun accent wall – like a mural.”

“We did that last month.”

“Oh, right. I still haven’t gotten all the paint out of my hair.” She tapped her screen a few more times.

“We could learn a new language.”

“I already know seventy-seven,” Garn said. “Plus, don’t you have a translator implant yet?”

“Oh, yeah. Well, we could write letters.   Play a board game? Look at pictures of puppies?”

Garn shook his head ‘no’ at each option and the next five on Carol’s list. Finally, exasperated, she threw down her phone. “Fine – then you think of something to do!”

And that’s how Garn and Carol ended up playing the “Floor is Lava” and racing each other from one end of her house to the other. Her furniture may recover – someday.

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  1. Larry

    who says molten lava is no fun at all? 🙂

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