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Happy Tuesday, Friends!

I’ve highlighted this before, but National Geographic Magazine is providing free access to a number of its COVID-19 related coverage. The latest content can be found online here. I enjoy reading these articles and wanted to share a few with you

In their science section, they have provided a Frequently Asked Questions – which has some nice explanations of what the novel coronavirus-2019 is and some nifty but disturbing maps showing the spread of the coronavirus.

And there are some nice human interest stories – such as this one about Detroit’s fighting spirit during the pandemic.

However, the most thought provoking to me was this story on why COVID-19 may end up harming the environment.

I’m sure you all remember the ‘Earth is healing, we are the virus’ memes from this spring. If not – check out my favorite responses to these memes here. I just love the dinosaurs.

However, all joshing aside, in early April, daily global emissions were down by 17 percent – due to travel restrictions and shutdowns of factories. However, the author notes that as industry begins to open up, the emission levels are rapidly approaching previous levels.

This is to be expected, of course, but more gloomily, the article wonders if, in the rush to produce and return to full capacity, will pollution levels surge past pre-pandemic levels?

It’s hard to say – but history teaches us that a surge in production almost certain after the recent slowdown. As a people, we still have places to go (fingers crossed) and a need for the comforts of modern living – particularly after the shortages of paper products in the last few months.

What do you think, gentle reader? Feel free to leave a comment, below.


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