Some Interesting Recent Scientific Articles

Happy Wednesday, friends.

Today – I just want to highlight a few interesting articles I found here.

For example, we’re all pretty familiar with how the earth looks now – 7 continents, separated by oceans – right? However, one study suggests that 3.2 billion years ago, the earth was covered completely by water, with not a single bit of land in sight. However, continents appeared as the different tectonic plates that cover the earth moved and collided, thrusting huge, rocky land masses upward through the water’s surface. Scientist found clues about this water-covered world preserved in a chunk of this primordial seafloor, which is now located high and dry in the Australian Outback. Analysis of this 3.2 billion-year old rock shows a record of “the entire ocean crust from the surface down…” the study’s author said.

And – how about this one? How does the new coronavirus compare with the flu?

How do you think COVID-19 compares to the seasonal flu? Leave a comment below and let me know!


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