Garn Goes Outside

Garn the Magnificent was preparing for a vitally important mission. He had planned his route carefully – refining it until it was a wonder of military-like strategy and split-second timing. Now, all he had to do was suit up and venture boldly out from his sometimes- good friend Carol’s suburban Washington, DC condo.

“Carol – where are my foot coverings?”

“I think you left them in the coat closet,” she called back, venturing into the living-room where Garn was preparing for his extremely important mission. She rummaged around in the depths of the small room where she housed her winter cloaks, and after some few moments, unearthed Garn’s fine green tarn-skin boots – that he’d had custom made on Talos- III. “I knew they were in there!”

Garn sat and pulled on his foot coverings and tucked his purple Yeel-skin pants into the tops of the boots. He adjusted the drape of his shirt – made of light green Tellurian Spider silk that was light as a feather, but impervious to most solvents, acids, and the spit of the Tellurian fire-lizard – and checked his appearance in the mirror.

He looked good – and ready for even the most dangerous of forays into the outside world. He grabbed up his knapsack and strode towards the front door.

“Wait!” Carol hurried after him. “Do you have your mask and hand-sanitizer?”

Garn nodded. “I even have Lysol wipes for the cart-handles.”

“Great!” Carol handed him his mission plan – though she preferred to call it a shopping-list. “Don’t forget the potato chips!”

Happy Friday, Friends!

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