Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic

Where I work, we’re always reflecting on lessons learned, so that has gotten me to thinking about what has the COVID-19 pandemic taught us?

There are several articles and commentaries out there – from medical journals to the popular press. As expected, some of the medical lessons include: Physical distancing works; treatment options are a work in progress, and the US has a huge capacity to expand medical resources.

But I like the more global view of this March 28th contribution on Forbes.com, which discusses ‘5 simple lessons learned so far from the Coronavirus pandemic’. The two lessons that resonated with me the most are “we are more connected than we think,” and “life won’t be the same – but that’s OK.”

In the last few months, we’ve learned that technology can be used to keep us connected – and the world moving along. The way hospitals and doctor’s offices deliver health care has changed, with more doctors moving to virtual care. We’ve learned that we need each other and that every part of the workforce is so vital to everyone’s well-being – from food producers, to transportation, to front-line heath care workers. We need each other, and we’ve got each other, which is a humbling yet comforting thought to me.

What are some lessons you’ve learned from the last couple of months? If you’re willing, please share in the nifty little comment box below 😊.

Stay curious (and safe) my Friends!


  1. Vickie Kesala

    One thing I learned it that a lot of things we do in person and in a certain way because we are accustomed to doing them in person and in a certain way. When you start opening up the possibilities of what you can do remotely and differently, you expand your thinking in a creative and productive way, even if initially you feel resistant to change. I am doing a lot of things differently and some of my work-around arrangements are a lot more efficient than the old way. I don’t want to go back to doing everything the old way. I am not sure how others in my area of work (I am a lawyer) will feel, but I sure hope I do not go back to having to stand in person in a courtroom to get an agreed arrangement signed off on by a judge who could receive it and review it and sign it without me being present in person.

    • Carol Fowler

      That’s a good point Vickie! No court hearings for agreements and other non-trial transactions sounds pretty nice to me, too.

  2. Jean De Muzio

    I’ve learned that I have more patience than I ever thought I had. I have loads of resilience too. I’ve also learned that we all need each other to get through this pandemic and that while it might be possible to ‘swim’ in a virtual pool it’s not the same as the actual swim in the real pool. I love and need swimming more than I need to be with people.

    • Hi Jean – I knew you were resilient – and awesome! I hope you get back to real swimming soon!

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