How Vaccines Work

Happy Wednesday, Friends.

Monday’s post discussed how viruses enter cells, which I admit is pretty scary. However, never fear. Viruses and other pathogens have been around since the dawn of time, practically, and our bodies have figured out ways to fight them off.

An important weapon in the body’s arsenal are antibodies, which are large, Y-shaped proteins produced mainly by plasma cells. These antibodies are generated when the body is exposed to a foreign material (either a live virus or a vaccine made specifically to fight off a particular kind of virus). Just like viruses have developed proteins that can dock into receptors in our cells, our body can manufacture antibodies that bind to the virus and thus prevent it from entering and infecting cells.

This nifty, animation here on YouTube shows how vaccines work. It’s less than 2 minutes long, and I highly recommend it!

Stay safe and curious, Friends!


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