I want to hear from you – part 2

Hello friends!

Is there something you have been wondering about?

Is there a burning (scientific) question that has been burdening your mind?!

Then ask me and I’ll work it into the next blog post or two.

Whether you’ve been wondering about the lates piece of science knews you’ve seen or just how old the universe is, I’d like to hear from you.   if I don’t know, I can pretty much guarantee I’d like to find out too!

You can leave your question in the public comment box below.  If you’re feeling shy, just send the question via the contact page here.



  1. Jean De Muzio

    Tony wants to know how do disinfectants destroy viruses?

  2. Jean De Muzio

    Carol, Your post did not come through on my email. I wanted to share it with Tony because it was his question. Did something go wrong at your end?

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